LAMDA Examinations

LAMDA Examinations are a great way to put your developing acting and performance skills into practice, as well as a big earner of UCAS points. We offer LAMDA sessions for groups or individuals of all ages from 5-20. Our LAMDA examinations for age 5-11 can be found under the 'Playhouse' tab.  

Which exams do we offer?

LAMDA Examinations fall under a variety of different categories, and are developed so that there is an exam category for everyone. We specialise in teaching:

  • Musical Theatre 

  • Shakespeare

  • Solo

  • Group Performance

You can choose to do all four LAMDA categories, a selection of the four or one individual course. If you are planning on applying to Drama School or a performing arts course at university, we recommend that you don't solely apply for the group performance examination. Groups should be pre-formed before applying, however if we cover the examinations as part of an after school program then the groups can be decided from who applies for the examinations. 

How much are the sessions?

Sessions are £25/hr for individual sessions. Group discounts apply- please get in touch to find out more.

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by contacting us through our online contact form, or by emailing or calling us directly with the details provided on the 'contact' page. 


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