audition preparation

Preparing for an audition can be tricky, especially when you don't know where to start. Whether it's for a Drama School or a local theatre production, a week to prepare or 2 months, we can help with a personalised steps, exercises, and techniques to use your time wisely and give you the best shot at success!

How the sessions work

Our sessions are tailored for the requirements of the audition. Whether you need to prepare songs, Shakespearean monologues, modern speeches or given material, we can help you prepare material you've already decided on, or we are happy to help find suitable pieces for you. Sessions can be booked for 1-2hrs, and we will give you exercises to continue your preparation at home. If you are under 16 we suggest that you bring a parent with you for the sessions. Parents are welcome to sit in the room as we work or wait in the room just outside.

Do you offer sessions for screen auditions?

Yes we do! It's very tricky to hide nerves in front of the camera, so our sessions aim to make you feel so prepared you'll have nothing to be nervous about! Small details are so important when it comes to camera auditions, so we focus on helping you find a refined and subtle level of performance detail. We also offer a self-taping service. 

How much are the sessions?

Sessions are £25/hr. Block booking discounts apply and FREE 30 minute taster sessions are available. Please enquire for more details.  

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by contacting us through our online contact form, or by emailing or calling us directly with the details provided on the 'contact' page. 


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